Monday, October 4, 2010

What MY Droid Does

About four weeks ago I got a new cell phone. After many hours of research, reading reviews, and watching videos, I decided that I simply HAD to have the new Droidx. After all, the advertisements all stated that "Droid Does". So I am here to tell you now, what my Droid does daily for me.I start my day by reading emails on my Droidx. Then, I catch up on the local news, and my social media friends status updates while I slept. Next, I plan my wardrobe by the Weather channel, courtesy of my Droidx, of course.After giving Droidx a quick charge boost while I'm getting dressed, I connect the bluetooth, and its out the door to start the work day.Once in the car for my hour commute to work, I call my sister. This is time that my sister and I discuss and decide  all of the issues we are facing in our exclusive worlds. Most of the ride Droidx plays nicely, and the reception is great. However, we have learned to adapt our conversation around the airport, and that curve that Droidx doesn't like. The three of us, me, sis and Droidx have a quick breakfast before I rush into work.Once inside, my work day begins..with Droidx discretely tucked away at my desk. How can I resist taking secret glances to catch up on my twitter friends post? Ok, I'll admit I can't resist, and it becomes a habit between breaks.On breaks and lunch, Droidx keeps me on schedule with it's cute little clock. Droidx catches me up on all that I missed while earning my pay. Droidx never complains, and waits patiently for me to work.A quick call to hubby, to check what he wants for supper. Droidx finds the number for take out and we are on our way for the hour commute home. Of course, talking to sis all the way.As soon a we come in door, I plug Droidx in and enjoy a cup of coffee as we both recharge.While cooking dinner (who am I kidding, take out remember?) Droidx pitches in with grocery list (by the way, is awesome). Not only does Droidx tell me what isle that the items are on, it goes with me to store, and scans bar codes and keeps totals.After supper, Droidx checks for updates of all my blogging friends while I spend some quality hubby time. When hubby has had his fill of attention, he goes to computer to race with his buddies, and Droidx and I catch up on those blog updates and even write a post or two for my blog.Together, Droidx and I plan our to dos and where to go. Sometimes we rent a movie, and Droidx will even show it on the big screen tv. Or sometimes we will watch online videos or read a book stored on Droidx. As the day comes to a close, Droidx prepares the alarm to start the day all over again before going to sleep.Now, if you think that is something, you should see what happens when we go on vacation, the things that Droidx does!..With gps, maps, finding restaurants, taking pictures and videos....Droidx does it all!


  1. Hi Chrisy;
    My Storm does all that cool stuff, too, and I just don't know what I ever did without it! I may be a Grandma, but I get it. LOLOL

    Nice post!


  2. well written!!!i think u r a lovely mom& granny!God bless u with a lot of happiness!!!

  3. Nice!

    If you figure out how to get your Droid to clean the house, please let me know! I really need some help over here! LOL

    Keep on writing!


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