About Chrisys Memories in Motion

We all know what photo scrapbooks are....they've become a cultural phenomenon. Every page, and every book has a special meaning for its creator. Scrapbooks help us remember everything from day-to-day life to special events, and their beautiful presentation makes them fun to work on and to share.
The concept of a VIDEO Scrapbook is very similar, only the experience is greatly enhanced by the addition of moving images. You can add movement to still pictures (pan and zoom on them), or include videos from your videotapes or old films. Sound makes a huge difference -- hearing the original recorded sounds and voices, adding a personalized narration voice track, and most especially, by using musical backgrounds that have a special meaning or simply liven up the entire production. By the use of high-resolution scanners and graphics software, you
can incorporate images of all of the elements of a conventional scrapbook as well....from ticket stubs to wedding announcements. What is more, your Video Scrapbook can be a complete mix of videos and stills pictures from your digital camera as well as   and scanned objects and graphical elements, all of them animated and put together with sounds, music, titles,
narration and special effects.

Another advantage of the Video Scrapbook is the ease and convenience by which it can be enjoyed AND SHARED. No longer confined to large albums that aren't very portable, a Video Scrapbook on DVD is easy to enjoy from your couch, on your home entertainment system, whenever and as often as you want. A Video Scrapbook is also easy to duplicate (as many times as you wish) and to give or mail to someone else....even to post on a website.

 Ask me how I can animate your family photos to create emotional memory videos for all occasions...perfect for wedding slideshows, anniversary slideshows, reception entertainment, video montage gifts, graduation gifts, birthday slideshows, or even just for fun. Through dramatic animation, captions, and the perfect music, you'll receive a video slideshow which is
guaranteed to put a tear in the eye, a smile in the heart, and a memory that will last a lifetime. When completed, I will provide you with a speical Lightsribed DVD slideshow and password protected Youtube video which allows you to see your video on television, computer or on a
large project.

I can format you video scrapbook to be viewed on your tv (dvd) that comes with lightscribed dvd and case, online, and your phone (android, iphone, ipod and many more).

I look forward to working with you on your next project. If it’s a wedding slideshow or birthday photo montage or any other type of video scrapbook.