Chrisys Memories in Motion Demos will delight you

These are 2-3 minute sample of a DVD video slideshow......

They can be used as a single show or combined with other show slides to complete your Video Scrapbook.

Your completed DVD will include a custom introduction slide, the body of the video which includes the appropriate photos, and an ending slide that is fitting for the event.

Your video will also include music that compliments the event and slideshow content.

IMPORTANT: To make download time as short as possible, this sample is a compressed version of the original. This is not an accurate representation of the quality of my work. The music in your video album will be of CD quality and the images/graphics will be sharp & clear.

Please allow 20-25 seconds before clicking play. If intro freezes while playing, please be patient! The intro will continue once it has loaded. After it's completed, click play button again to watch without freezes